Turning career and organizational goals into reality through Human Capital Development
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Career development

Personal and group sessions | Workshops | Webinars

Personal and Career Coaching

Set and achieve self-fulfilling goals

CV and LinkedIn Upgrading

Maximize your chances of being interviewed

Networking Mastery

Create your own opportunities

Elevator Pitch Crafting

Sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the job

Job Interview Preparation

Master the art of behavioral interviewing

Career Strategy Building

Own your career / job search development

Contract Negotiation

Maximize your compensation

Work-Mom Balance

Do it your way. Unlock your potential

Organizational development

Personal and group sessions | Workshops | Webinars

Effective Communication

Convey messages while actively listening

Recruitment Process Optimization

Maximize efficiency in Talent Acquisition

Cultural Diversity

Embrace inclusion for organizational success

Organizational Restructure

Adapt structure to changing circumstances

Executive Coaching

Unlock potential and navigate challenges

Talent Development

Empower people, improve results

Conflict Mediation

Guide dialogue, resolve disputes

Work Plan Development

Define and Implement KPIs \ OKRs

It's nice to e-meet you

I'm Matat-El Schatz, a certified Organizational Development Consultant (M.A.), Career Coach, and Group Facilitator. 

I empower individuals to ignite their passion and purpose to land meaningful careers
 while empowering organizations to maximize performance by unlocking their human potential.

I believe in the power of human potential.
I believe in my clients.

I see fulfilling careers not just as individual aspirations, but as gifts (Regalos, in Spanish) that benefit both individuals and organizations.

That's why I leverage Human Capital Development as a bridge, transforming career and organizational goals into tangible realities.

In the past few years, I have had the honor of providing counseling and coaching services to more than 1200 clients.

Over 90% have successfully achieved their goals.

Don't hesitate to reach out, and together, we will take your goals to the next level

?Why regalos

Flexible and personalized service – after an introductory conversation, you will receive a recommendation for an escort program adapted to your status and needs.

Plenty of experience and recommendations – providing consulting services to various clients, academic institutions, hi-tech companies, bootcamps and hi-tech training organizations in Israel and abroad.

You set the pace, and I'll provide the most relevant content efficiently without compromising quality. 

Your success - my success

Get in touch and let's get started

Matat-El Schatz
Organizational Consultant & Career Coach

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